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George Rogers is a national renowned speaker, with great compassion, dedication, and a sense of humor that keeps you connected.

George, also has a courageous spirit that is often displayed in his 20 years of leadership experience with the nonprofit world, 14 years of ministry in his local community, and mentorship programs.

George transitioned in the business world and quickly made his impact by creating Changeformation mindset into the workplace, which created a culture that allowed the team to bring their soul to work. Once you invest in your team, the team will invest in the business and through this the company was able to grow from 6 locations to 18 in under three years.

Now that George has focused his life on investing and impacting others through Changeformation, his passion is to help leaders and businesses create a culture of life that allows their team to bring their souls to the workplace with trust and vulnerability.

George inspires and challenges each of us to be willing to transform who we are into who we are meant to be. He shares how creating a culture that invests in others through authentic compassion and servant leadership can impact everyone for the greater good. Leaders must know what it means to be all in, and ready to show up each day living their life’s passion for the workplace, but more importantly the world. The question that many ask, “Why am I here?” will be answered and a new excitement to live The Culture Life through Changeformation will begin.